Overtime Abuse, Fiscal Mismanagement

Some of the Sheriff’s top-brass are making more than $400,000 in “other pay”, as thousands of unsolved crimes continue to plague the County.  By not calling it “overtime” the extra payment is technically called “other pay” so it can slip under the radar for salary reporting purposes.

In Sacramento County thousands of property and violent crimes go unsolved each year.  Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is under-staffed both on patrol, and in the detective divisions which investigate crimes.

Rapes, aggravated assaults, burglaries, vehicle thefts, and other serious crimes continue to plague the County at an alarming rate.

But to claim “lower crime rates” the Sheriff has falsely manipulated the data to exclude the entire City of Sacramento (but while including the cities of Citrus Heights, Folsom, and Rancho Cordova), because of how those results affect the final crime statistics.  Jones’ strategy:  include some of the good cities, but exclude the bad ones so he can lie about crime statistics for the County.

The Sheriff’s understaffed patrols have led to officer deaths and injuries, slow response times, tired and over-worked deputies who run from call to call, and contributed to a sense of “anything goes” with criminals who feel emboldened to commit more crimes without fear of punishment.

Scott Jones likes to boast that he returns Department money to the County each year.  But Jones fails to mention the growing list of unsolved crimes and unfilled staff vacancies which directly contributes to a diminished level of public safety in Sacramento County.

Actual cases:  even when felony vandalism cases have clear audio and visual of the offender committing the offense (including his face and vehicle license plate), property crime detectives still don’t even make contact with the offender for a possible arrest.  Unchallenged, and free in our society, the offender is only encouraged to go out and commit more crimes as part of the anarchy culture in Sacramento County.

The property crime division has only 6 full-time detectives who receive well over 6,000 cases each year.  Accounting for weekends and paid holidays, those detectives would have to each solve 4 cases every day just to keep up with the workload.  The same problem can be said for detectives who work sexual crimes , homicide, and in other divisions within the Department.

But instead of hiring more detectives to work property crimes, Jones boasts that he returns “unused” Department money to the County.

Meanwhile in the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department over 40 officials are doubling their already 6-figure salaries with an added total $10 million in “other pay” each year.  Over 325 Sheriff’s officials are being paid more than $200,000 each, over 100 officials have received an excess of $25,000 in annual over-time.

New deputies are hired at $72,000 entry-level, plus benefits.  For just the extra $10 million per year in “other pay” alone, Sacramento County could put more than 100 new deputies on the streets and detectives to investigate and solve crimes.

But top management has learned how to play the game, and Sacramento taxpayers are their unwitting victims.  With their buddy as Sheriff, managers know nothing will change.  This ongoing culture of overtime abuse and bloated salaries independent of actual job performance allows these fat cats to fleece Sacramento taxpayers year after year.

Getting rich off of their county jobs, they use taxpayer money to buy up personal investment properties, live in gated communities, buy a new car every year or two, and retire early.  Then 80% of them leave the State after retirement, and never spend any of their retirement money within the local Sacramento economy.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department needs a complete leadership overhaul, beginning with who is elected as Sheriff.  It is going to take someone from the outside to come in and clean up the department.  An insider, who has been part of the problem, can never be expected to bring about the changes necessary to bring forth the integrity, transparency, and equality to the Department that Sacramento taxpayers deserve.